martes, 18 de diciembre de 2012

En un susurro...

"In a whisper.
To talk in a whisper. 
In a whisper
like the sea."

Anna Kamienska
Pintura: Zhao Kailin

5 comentarios:

Ana dijo...

Caricia leve.

Que se calme el río hasta que sólo susurre, Beatriz
Un abrazo.

SUREANDO dijo...

Es bella la palabra susurro ¿verdad? es como dices... una caricia leve.

Un abrazo

Ana dijo...

Pero me inquieta ese personaje blanco, el brazo, esa superposición...los dos tratamientos, qué sé yo este desasosiego...

SUREANDO dijo...

Yo creo que es ella misma, su "Pepe Grillo" que le susurra "libérate"
El cuadro es más grande, yo lo corté para darle más enfasis a lo que transmite.
Locuras mías.

SUREANDO dijo...

"This has been my major challenge," says Kailin. "To create art that has its own distinctive style reminiscent of work from the past, but at the same time fitting into the time period in which we live. Stylistically, my work is related not only to my own personal growth as a person and as an artist, but also to the spirit of our ancient Chinese past and to the memories and feeling I have of the young women whom I have painted. There is a profound emotion communicated by the eyes of my subjects and an unspoken mystery of their inner lives that seems to shine through. The beautiful and unforgettable past touches me and is cherished in my memory, inspiring me to a more extraordinary and elegant ideal."
Zhao Kailin

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